slidefoto9What is a Kikoy?

A Kikoy is a traditional woven cloth fabric from Kenya and known for its bright colors. A Kikoy can be used in countless ways. As a pareo, sarong , a “wrap” , beach towel , Fouta , shawl , scarf, turban or skirt but it can also be used as a tablecloth, picnic blanket or bedspread . In short, a versatile piece of fabric with nice frills ( FRINGE ) on it. USE YOUR IMAGINATION and use the Kikoy the way you want it yourself!

Kikoy is traditionally worn by Arab merchants and da Gama introduced them after the explorations of Vasco in the port cities of East Africa. Initially used by fishermen, but later by the entire population of the Kenyan coast.

Today Kikoy is everywhere, a fashion article used by men, women and children !

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