Holiday in Malindi is fantastic! Malindi is a former fishing village and one of the oldest towns on the East African coast . Along with Diani Beach Malindi is the main holiday resort on the Kenyan coast. Malindi is ideal to combine the beach ( also with children) with amazing tours . (See Things to do in Malindi )

On the beach you can swim , sail, surf , snorkel, parasail , jet skiing , scuba diving and mudflats . Is the beach or pool not fancy enough? Meet the locals and learn more about the history of Malindi in the local museum or visit the ruins of Gede . Or let your children see the alligator farm or bird park . Visit the orphanage Blessed Generation and do volunteer work or go on outreach. And do not forget to do the safari from Malindi.

Malindi now and in the past Previously, there was plenty of trading with China , India and the Arabs Malindi which for that time was a rich city. To date, Malindi is, therefore, a multi – cultural place . Vasco da Gama visited in 1498 as the first European Malindi and founded a trading post. A limestone pillar with a cross at the entrance of the bay is where he arrived , recalled his visit. Near the pillar is a Portuguese chapel with several graves. Also Ermest Hemingway frequented Malindi to go deep sea fishing. Late 20s there were European settlers taking a holiday and in 1932 the first hotel was opened. From the 60s Malindi became a real holiday resort that was popular for its beautiful beaches, numerous water sports and the hospitable people. Get lost in the narrow streets , many shops and a market . There are several restaurants and bars, good hotels , nightclubs, a casino , mosques , shops and a golf course. 

Vacation in Malindi An unforgettable experience!