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Energy Line Kenya Marike Mooij and her adoptive son Deric Taji Mooij. During the adoption process of Deric they have lived together for more than nine months in Kenya.

In love with Kenya and super happy with her ​​son Deric Marike she decided to return to the Netherlands were she had to do something with all the marvelous experiences and contacts they and Deric experienced in Kenya.

ENERGY LINE, her own company since 2006 has been extended in 2013 with a new branch , ENERGY LINE KENYA .

Initially Energy Line Kenya is engaged to the import of authentic handmade Kenyan products in order to support the local population of Malindi. Secondly Energy Line Kenya will be busy with the promotion of the beautiful coastal town of Malindi.

The legal background of Marike, her extensive commercial and (life) experience and passion for Kenya, made Energy Line Kenya already a success!


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