Soft Kikoy beachtowel Enlike


soft kikoy badlakenSoft Kikoy beachtowel. The perfect beachtowel for You. For Him and for Her.  The material is softer than normal kikoy and has a silk glow so every towel looks chique. Dries quickly and looks fabulous. Make a combination with a soft kikoy and look fabulous!

* One side 100% soft kikoy

*The other side soft terry

*Lenght 1.70 m

*Wide 1.05 m

*A small pocket is sewn up the terry side to store money or mobile

* weighs only 500 grams

* Suits perfect in your suitcase for holiday





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Soft Kikoy beachtowel.  Very nice beachtowels made in Kenia especially for Enlike. Use it at the beach, use it at the gym or when you go to the sauna. Very trendy and chique with a silk glow.

One side is a  soft kikoy  and the other side is soft Terry. A small pocket is sewn so you can put small things in there.

soft kikoy badlaken





soft Kikoy beachtowel