Exclusive handmade leather belts size 42


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This unique belt from ENLIKE is completely handmade in Kenya (fairtrade). It is the fashion item for 2016! Wear it with a jeans and look trendy! These belts are very strong and last for years! Complete your outfit with a belt from ENLIKE.

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handmade belt from Kenya
Handgemaakte riem uit Kenia

Exclusive handmade leather belt Enlike

* Totally handmade and completed with beats

* Perfect to wear with a jeans

* Darkbrown leather and chique buckle

* Available in sizes 34 up to 40

* size 38 has the first hole at 98 cm and the last hole at 111 cm. Total length of the belt is 1.17 meter inclusive the belt.

* Fairtrade made in Kenia